Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where has all the mid-range gone? Empire cartridges again!

This little box of magic arrived in the mail today. It is a fully boxed brand new Empire 2000E/III catridge with its original needle.  I haven't played it as I'm testing out after market styluses on another 2000E/III.  One step at a time, I tell myself.  Listen, understand and get it right. 

So moving onto the topic: "Where has all the mid-range gone?"  When you listen to an Empire for the very first time that is a question that will pop into a lot people's head.  "I can't hear the mid-range that I'm used to. Where has it gone?"  The quick answer is that it's still there but is now separated to such an extent that the warm mid-range you were used to has now gone.  It wasn't really there in the first place.  What people were hearing were unshielded cartridges that were great at hitting the upper and lower end of the frequency range, but in the middle sounded warm, due to lack of separation and adding external interference. I admit that these types of cartridges sound very comfortable.  The Grado Gold does this better than any other cartridge I have ever heard, and I love it because it is so good at doing what it does. 

The Empires don't do comfortable.  Any Empire that's labelled with the 2000 tag doesn't create a comforting sound.  But instead they reproduce the music the way it was meant to be.

They are totally remarkable cartridges. 


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