Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GuiGuang Are At It Again - Western Electric Replicas

Vanch Carroll, intrepid valve explorer that he is, recently alerted me to the fact the GuiGuang are producing their own replica of the famous Western Electric 300B. This is hot on the heels of GuiGuang developing their own black glass 300B to rival the ShuGuang treasure series.
Having purchased a pair of GuiGuang's black glass 300BS-Z from Vanch, I queried him on whether the Western Electric replica was just an idea or a reality. His response was that it is a reality and he sent pictures to prove it. So here they are on Vanch Carroll's dining room table, direct from the GuiGuang factory in China. When I asked Vanch what they sounded like he simply responded: "More. More of everything."

As far as I know neither of these valves have been released onto the open market as yet. Vanch has the black glass 300BS-Z for sale on Ebay. They are beautiful valves.

And if you are really hanging out to hear what GuiGuangs WE replica can do, then you may need to catch a plane to China and visit the GuiGuang factory like Vanch did.

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