Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Margule's Audio from Mexico- The Magenta ADE 24.1

This is a wonderful black box from Mexico that turns CD into something it should have always sounded like. It works on the analogue feed out of any DAC, the one inside your CD player or the outboard one that cost $1000. Julian Margules who created the product would be the first to say that it wasn't designed to work with a $3000 to $4000 DAC, but for everything else we are talking about a very special product. It makes CD sound beautiful. And this is saying something for a guy who loves his vinyl.

Barry Willis recently wrote an article for Hifi News in the UK praising the Margenta ADE 24.1. It's in the November 2011 issue , which goes from October to November and is out now. It has generated lots of interest and some reckless controversy. But some more of that later.

I first came across Margule Audio and the Magenta ADE 24.1 when I bought PS Audio Digital Link III DAC on the secondhand market. A quick Google to find reviews about it got me this review by Barry Willis:

Some people screamed at the time that he didn't really review the PS Audio DAC so much as promote the ADE 24. I read that article in a different way. Here was a combination of components that would make your digital system sound better.

To cut a long story short, I have the Magenta ADE 24.1 in my systen combined with the PS Audio Digital Link III DAC and the combination is exceptional just as Barry Willis has described.

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  1. It actually works quite well, doesent makes your music cleaner, dont mess with the quallity or ressolution, seems that nothing had been added, what it does is to simply makes each instrument to come more alive, like having each instrument their own "space" more like gaining pressence without changing anithing like tones or timbre, is a must have in any hifi-hiend setup