Friday, September 2, 2011

GuiGuang Black Glass 300BS-Z

With the McChanson 300B amp up and running again, I've been pretty much lost in listening to the music it makes. The McChanson 300B (designated marzEt by its maker) is truly an exquisite amplifier for the price Eric charges. I think he could charge three times as much as he does and the buyer would still be totally satisfied.

Even better has been the opportunity to get the GuiGuang Black Glass 300BS-Z fully "burnt in" and hear what they can really do. They are exquisite valves: open, spacious and every instrument sounding clear, dynamic and exactly where it should be in the soundstage. Unlike some other Chinese valves I have heard in the past there is no sense with the GuiGuangs of the "full bloom" or what could be called a warm tone being added to the music. These guys are sharp and totally refined in their sound presentation.

As far as I know GuiGuang still hasn't released these on the retail market, but are letting a few out via direct factory sales. Possibly to see what reaction they get before they go in to full production? I bought my pair from my-hi-fi on Ebay Australia. The seller contacted me last night and advised that GuiGuang had shipped him several more pairs. You can check out the sale here.

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