Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GuiGuang's Beautiful Blue El34s

Intrepid valve explorer, Vanch Carroll, has returned from another journey to China with something new out of the GuiGuang factory. Beautiful Blue EL34s.

I haven't heard them yet, but in the meantime I am listening to the fabulous GuiGuang black glass 300B which Vanch brought back from a previous trip. They are the most wonderful valves I have ever heard. They have this beautiful hard edge on them that is so unlike Chinese valves I have heard before. There is no smear, clarity is stunning the tone is pure beauty.

GuiGuang have also being trying to reproduce the legendary Western Electric 300B. Vanch reports that GuiGuang's production has slowed on this valve. GuiGuang is having problems with sourcing all the ingredients they need to make it work. Must admit that I admire this company. They are really taking it to the market, and clearly will not release valves unless they believe they have it right.

You can buy the GuiGuang EL34s from Vanch on Ebay:

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