Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GuiGuang 300BS Z Black Glass - Super Tube

These are the 4th set of 300B tubes that I picked up for my new McChanson 300B amplifier. You may be tempted like I was when I first saw them for sale on Australian Ebay to ask: "What the hell are they?" Well like the title of this post says they GuiGuang 300BS Z Black Glass Super Tubes and they are fresh from the factory. GuiGuang it seems are taking up the challenge to match the highly acclaimed Shuguang Treasure Series

The GuiGuang Black Glass are so new that if you google for them, chances are you will only find the current Ebay sale for them. You can even check the factory site Foshan Nanhai GuiGuang Tube Factory and you won't find them listed there. They are that new.

No reviews, no information at all on these tubes, only the seller seems to know about them, so who would buy them? I did. Being new to 300B and wanting a decent selection of valves to really test out the McChanson I was looking for a bargain, and these were a bargain. They only arrived 2 days ago and I couldn't resist putting them in. I have played them for 6 hours and they are beautiful. They have the typical 300B sound, but compared to the other valves I have been trying out (GuiGuang clear glass, Electro Harmonix and Svetlana Winged Cs) the sound is bigger, and more expansive, with the top end really twinkling and a bass you can feel.

Admittedly it is early days yet, I haven't burnt all the tubes fully in, nor the amp, but if the earlier indications are anything GuiGuang has a got a real winner here.

As far as I know the only place you will be able to get a pair of these right now is from my-hi-fi on Australian Ebay.

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